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your drag mouse creates new brain cells. index   | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

(3) this machine demonstrates the complicated relationship to other people.

opinions (sympathies or dislikes) are often based on random constellations. certain values are gradually against others.
the cells of this mind machine exhibit complex self-organization by iteration of an update rule. if the head of an opinion moves the cell-worm grows. and if the head stops all cells of this opinion shrinks. the tail catches the heads and the cells dies.
this machine is an adaptation of worm-automata.

note: press 'r' to reset, press 's' to paused or start. and press 'arrow keys' for speed.

this project is an adaptation of worm-automata and requires a java-enabled browser.

© frank richter, 2001-2003