I hear my name...

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your drag mouse creates new brain cells. index   | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

(2) this machine simulates the hearing of the own name.

the information will be selected at random by the cells. the mind-machine exhibit complex self- organization by iteration of an update rule.
a specified of values (colors) are arranged cyclically in a "wheel." each value can only advance to the next, the last cycling to 0. each update a cell's value advances by 1 if there are at least threshold cells of the next value within its neighbour set of size range in extended Moore or von Neumann neighbourhood.
these dynamics exhibit complex self-organization starting from a uniform random constellation of the available values. the excitation dies out if the threshold is too large compared to the size of the neighbor set, while a disordered soup virtually indistinguishable from noise results if the threshold is too low. for intermediate thresholds, however, waves of excitation self-organize into large-scale spiral pairs thats tabilize in a locally periodic state.

note: press 'r' to reset, press 's' to paused or start. and press 'arrow keys' for speed.

this work requires a java-enabled browser.

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